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November 11, 2021

How fast can we cook a great turkey? Two hours. The recipe: 🦃

In the quest to cook the best ever Thanksgiving turkey, we’ve cooked birds sous vide, rolled up roulades, deep-fried those pieces KFC-style, and even buried it in super-heated salt.

Through all of these turkey trials, tribulations, and successes, we’ve stayed away from roasting that big bird whole. We’re staunch believers that the key to getting the best-tasting white meat and the most succulent dark meat is to actually cook them separately.

But we know that many of the turkey recipes are pretty time-consuming. So, this year we limited ourselves to a short window of time. This two-part method gives you juicy breasts and moist, tender legs in just about two hours. Plus, a delicious gravy is built right in! All you need is a pressure cooker and an oven.

This rapid-fire turkey technique is definitely not traditional. But the results are absolutely worth it.

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