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May 11, 2022

How many chefs does it take to air fry a potato 👉

Potato skins are so last century. Give your appe-teasers the ultimate air-fried upgrade with these fully loaded wedges. They’re the perfect game day party food, late-night snack, or hangover helper.

The air fryer’s super convection and radiant heat are the perfect match for bacon—deliciously, desirably crispy with a slight chew. (Just how we like it.). A lower air frying temperature ensures the potatoes have time to cook through and soften up before the bacon goes from crispy to crunchy.

This recipe starts with just one spud to make eight wedges. But we bet once you fry up a tray, you’ll need another round. Or two.

#baconwrapped #potatowedges #loadedpotatoskins #kraftsingles

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