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image  1 Cheesy pesto and egg air fryer breakfast bagel.
November 12, 2023

1 bagel, sliced in half
2 tbsp pesto
2 eggs
30g mozzarella (or any cheese), grated
Pinch of chilli flakes
Salt and pepper
Basil leaves, to garnish
1. Line air fryer drawer with baking paper and spread 2 tbsp of pesto onto the base.
2. Press bagel halves, sliced-side-down, on top of the pesto. Crack an egg into the hole of each bagel, then sprinkle over grated cheese and a pinch of black pepper, salt and chilli flakes.
3. Air fry for 6 minutes at 180ÂșC until golden.
4. Sprinkle over fresh basil to finish.