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December 3, 2021

We’ve heard your whipped cream comments and cries! While the originally Skinny Whip recipe is beloved by many, we’ve collected lots of requests over the years for gelatin- and dairy-free alternatives. We donned the research-and-development caps and created this low-fat, low-sugar alternative that we love even more than the original.

This is an easy formula to follow with whatever milk you like—the recipe below calls for 2% dairy milk, but we also achieved great results with store-bought Oatly brand oat milk and homemade nut milk. Note that your results may vary depending on the nut milk you use—many store-bought varieties are over-engineered with added gums, starches, or other stabilizers. (This is why we love using homemade nut milk. It has just two ingredients: nuts and water.)

Gellan gum is the vegetarian- and vegan-friendly gelatin alternative. It has a neutral flavor and its stabilizing properties are pretty amazing. The low percentage in this recipe gives a fluid gel that’s perfectly balanced for whipping in an iSi siphon and achieving a smooth, light, and fluffy texture. (Any higher and you’ll end up with a whipped cream that’s closer to a meringue.)

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