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April 15, 2022

Pancakes! Head on over to ChefSteps for the full list of pancakes:

We’d wager that 90 percent or more of the pancakes prepared in America are made with a boxed mix, and there’s no shame in that game. Boxed mixes make it easy to get breakfast on the table and provide consistent, bulletproof results. But, when it comes to pancakes, there are plenty of ways to cook outside the box.

So, whether you’re on Team Boxed Mix or Team Made From Scratch, the chefs are here to show you five different ways to mix up your morning routine—from super simple swaps that power up your pancakes to totally indulgent and, dare we say, gut-busting centerpieces perfect for a celebratory brunch.

With simple swaps—like milk instead of water—plus a few extra ingredients, Chef Grant Crilly shows you how to power up your pancakes—and your day—with extra protein.

Chef Kyl Haselbauer’s corn cakes are the perfect balance of sweet and savory, thanks to corn flour. Simple and easy, these pancakes are loaded with color, texture, and flavor.

Making pancakes gluten-free and vegan is easier than you might think, since you don’t need gluten for shape and structure. Chef Matthew Woolen shares his formula and method for soft and tender pancakes that are not crumbly or overly delicate.

Inspired by Chef Otto Romer’s childhood, these crepes are filled with dulce de leche and topped with a little brûléed sugar for contrasting crunch and extra sweetness.

Who says you can’t have chocolate or cake for breakfast?! Chef Nicholas Gavin shows you how to make an indulgent molten chocolate pancake that will satisfy your sweet tooth—whether you’re serving this to start the day or end a meal as dessert.

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