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November 4, 2021 🦃

Grant and team filled that huge cast iron cauldron with more than 200 pounds of salt and heated over an open flame. Instead of individually salt-crusting vegetables, apples, and the turkey, we nestled everything in the cauldron. It's the ChefSteps Cowboy Cauldron Salt-Crusted Turkey Cookout. Did it work?

When it comes to Thanksgiving turkey, we eschew tradition in pursuit of epic perfection. While Norman Rockwell’s aesthetic is the turkey that home cooks aspire to create year after year, we’d argue that bird looks a tad overcooked. We ask you—why roast that big bird whole when you can sous vide breasts and legs separately to perfection, prepare a stunning crown and satisfying roulade, turn it into yakitori, or even deep-fry it KFC-style (without burning down the house)?

Never satisfied with the same old, same old, every year we set out to find new ways to prepare a masterpiece Thanksgiving centerpiece. This year harkens back to ChefSteps roots of huge outdoor cooking adventures—think Wall of Fire, Campfire Chicken and Dumplings, and the World’s Largest Sous Vide Pastrami.

We were inspired by classic Hawaiian “luau turkey.” Prepared in the same manner as ceremonial luau pork, cooked in a @Cowboy Cauldron Co. cauldron, the meat is moist and shreddable. Thanksgiving BBQ? That’s right up the alley!

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