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October 21, 2021 👈

When you want the creamy, comforting payoff of perfectly cooked risotto but don’t want to stand at the stove vigilantly stirring, let sous vide stir instead.
Traditionally, getting the most out of your risotto is all about lovingly tending to the mixture as it simmers, slowly adding stock and stirring consistently, giving it the time and energy that it needs to shine. While there are nights when we need and enjoy a zen-like cooking experience to ease out of the day, there are those nights when we need to cut straight to comfort, and dish dinner up fast. This risotto fits the bill.
Like the clever convenience of one-pot pasta, we bring you this no-pot risotto: tender and plump cooked rice with a super creamy and satisfying sauce that doesn’t need to be babied on the stove. Minimal effort with maximum results.
Easy, elegant, and incredibly versatile, this recipe gives you a delicious al dente base to create any type of dish you want—from side to star. For your inspiration, we’ve included a few of the favorite ways to serve it up at the end of this recipe.
It’s simple. It’s delicious. It’s sous vide risotto.

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