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December 18, 2021
We all love Champagne, but we don’t love the hefty price tag. This technique makes “champagne” that tastes great, almost instantly, for cheap. And unlike traditional bottled Champagne, this method will also give you fresh, carbonated, fizzy grapes that you can enjoy in or alongside your glass of bubbly.

We’re calling this “champagne with a lowercase c” because it’s not made in the Champagne region or the Champagne style, but it’s a fun way to give any wine you like a bubbly boost. Perfect for dinner party toasts during the holiday season and ringing in the new year, you can carbonate white, rosé, and even red wines—just make sure to pick out a bottle, carton, box, or can of wine that you enjoy drinking. (No point in going through this process using a wine that tastes horrible to begin with.) You can even make sparkling non-alcoholic wine (or “cider”) by carbonating grape and apple juices.

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