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October 22, 2021

Fall's trendiest drink, the pumpkin spice latte, with a twist.

Pumpkin Spice latte Recipe -


1 oz Dark Chocolate
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp ground nutmeg
2 tsp ground cloves
1/3 cup pumpkin puree
3/4 cup whole milk
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 shots espresso coffee
1 tsp vanilla extract
Whipped cream
Ground cinnamon, for garnish
Cinnamon sticks, for garnish


1. Melt dark chocolate in the microwave and place it in a piping bag.

2. Place the maple leaves' template under parchment paper. Cut off the tip of the piping bag and follow the drawings to create chocolate leaves. Make sure the chocolate lines are thick enough for the leaves not to break.

3. Set aside and let it dry at room temperature.

4. In a small bowl, place ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg and ground cloves with pumpkin puree. Mix until fully combined and set aside.

5. Pour whole milk and vanilla extract in a saucepan over medium high heat. Add brown sugar and stir until dissolves.

6. Place the spiced pumpkin puree at the bottom of a medium size cup. Pour espresso coffee and top it with the vanilla flavoured milk. Decorate with a whipped cream swirl, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and garnish with chocolate leaves and cinnamon sticks.


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